UI Division of Management Consulting  

Education in operating room management

  • Intensive course is offered at the University of Iowa and by web conferencing and annually 
  • Individual lectures are given by web conferencing (e.g., for residents)
  • Lecture slides available for download

Bibliography of operating room management articles

  • Comprehensive bibliography of peer reviewed articles, including anesthesia information systems
  • Includes links to the abstracts and full text when available


  • Assisting anesthesia groups and hospital managers (either via telephone/email or on-site)
  • Customized educational programs (for use in training/implementation)
  • Ongoing outsourced support for analytics and optimization

Contact Information

  • Curriculum vitae, providing experience, education, and publications
  • Description of the Division of Management Consulting
  • How to get in touch with Dr. Dexter

Frequent Questions

  • Answers to questions about perioperative management that we are frequently asked


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